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We know how not to get ignored or sound bland so we take content for landing pages serious. Microlanding landing pages are designed to fit your brand, product, or purpose.


What’s included?
The works. Analytics, lead capture forms, hook concepts, and more. And we’ll suggest how to offer more than just that “ebook” without spending a fortune. In case you can’t wait, there’s a link to order it on Amazon. $5 ideas to get 100 leads. It’s only $50 on Amazon.


Don’t DIY. We do it all; even provide you a subdomain name and hosting. So you can have a landing page without any effort. Whether or not you have the content, you can still have a Microlanding page. All you need is just that thing you want to promote.

What’s Microlanding?
Turnkey Microsites and Landing Pages

Whether a single focused page or a small dedicated site, we’ve got a dedicated (in-house) team and don’t outsource any aspect of your work so we can provide creative, design and web hosting services that are fully-flexible and powerful. We provide a wide range of landing page services for enterprises, startups, and ventures.


Customized, Professional, and Original

Fast launch, fast insights

The objectives for deploying a microsite or landing page are simple and clear, the expected outcomes are measurable and adjustments can be made as needed. Microlanding works with your objectives to give you your digital platform as soon as possible. We worry about the bolts and nuts, you worry about the business.

Whatever site, we’ve got you

Yes. We cater for landing pages that’s basically just one form, and cater for heavy multipage microsites. We chose a stack that can accommodate anything you want to do.

Keeps getting better

Every landing page and microsite built is a chance to get better. You know you can trust us, landing pages is our main business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you already have the concept and design, you can request our free expert consultation and we’ll get back to you within one week. If you need tech advice, you can book a premium one-hour consultation.
In summary it’s a special page on the website that you’ve prepared for critical actions to take place, and where you’ve got a clearly defined desired action you’ll want the user to carry out. The action could be to order, make a request, or go on a deeper exploration of your offerings
A microsite is a small website devoted to a single purpose. 
We do on-page SEO, you handle the offsite. If you need ideas, you can check this SEO services microsite
A turnkey project is billed at $25. That’s going to contain all we can do in five hours. That’s peanuts but then it’s not a problem.
Let’s make one thing clear. Good work takes time. So if you don’t have a logo and we need to provide one, no content and we need to write the content, plus the time to setup the site, and design the page, estimate over 24 hours. But some nice sites can be made for $25. 
Beyond the initial 5 hours, we charge $10 per additional hour paid in 5 hour lots.
For, it took days to get the name, about 24 hours to get the logo done, 24 hours to get a theme, 24 hours to get the structure, flow and content. But is not a landing page, but a complete business microsite/platform, so the objectives definitely aren’t the same.
We can setup a testing project on request.  That’s going to be billed in the hourly pricing.
A quick order form is right below this page.
Just provide us information and you’ll get a web presence like ours under 72 hours. Comes with a simple logo, favicon, 12-month hosting plan, and custom design. Over 5 hours of professional work and 1-year hosting service included in one extremely low price.
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Over 5 hours of professional work and 1-year hosting service included in one extremely low price.