We are Microlanding.com

200 Microsites and still counting …

What’s our thing for landing pages? When you use a tool so much in your base business, that tool might just become another business for you. In summary we are doing what Amazon did when they launched AWS. The knowledge and infrastructure we’ve developed for our other projects is what we are opening up to the world.

What can Microlanding do for you?

Our culture encompasses truth, originality, human-centredness, professionalism and client-benefits mindedness.

We offer service with a human-face

It means we want to be real at all times, to be human and always present the human face, to love what we do and to do it for the simple fact that we love doing it.

Focusing on your success

Doing all we can to approach your project in a way that gives you the best chance of succeeding. It means we want to benefit you, benefit web users and make a loving of what we do.

For humans

To create microsites and landing pages with a humans-first mindset; doing all that we can to stay away from cliched writing tones, design styles, and cliched wordings that makes Internet marketing look desperate and cheap.

Delivering better minisites and landing pages everyday

We work, pray, wish, hope, and try to make the current project better than the previous one we did.

The ‘workshop’

We are small in number, five core writers including editors, support production team, backend engineer, and a host of writers. We all do testing.

Sola Dan


My name is Sola. I am the Chief Microsite Developer at Microlanding.com. I designed my first major website in 1999 and I’ve been doing WP since version 3.1, Drupal since version 5, and Joomla in between. I have learnt a lot of programming languages since 1997 and have seen the web become what it is today from those days of Yahoo’s directory. 

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